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A joint Portuguese participation linked to the soft mobility sector, led by ABIMOTA, was present in Utrecht in the Netherlands, from 28 February to 1 March, participating in the Bike Motion Benelux.

The presence of the Portuguese delegation in Bike Motion Benelux was part of the Portugal Bike Value Empresarial II program, co-financed by Portugal 2020, which with this mission intends that the national sector consolidates its presence and reinforces the capacity and main skills of the companies that produce in Portugal, in the European markets.

This is one of the main events related to the bicycle sector that take place at BENELUX. According to Gil Nadais, General Secretary of ABIMOTA, "We repeat our presence at Bike Motion Benelux, because it is an event where the main international bicycle brands gather in Holland to present new developments in terms of bicycles, components and accessories." But more than a meeting of manufacturers, this is a space dedicated to experiences and "where the latest developments in terms of trends in the cycling sector are presented as well as the latest innovations in the use of the bicycle as a means of transport." Shoot the ABIMOTA leader.

The presence of Portuguese entrepreneurs with the Joint Internationalization Project - Portugal Bike Value Empresarial II is a way of strengthening the competitiveness of national SMEs through the expansion of new markets, particularly in the important central and northern European market.

It should be noted that there is a trend in the Dutch market towards the adoption of electric bicycles, which has also reached MTBs (mountain bikes), which are welcoming an increasing group of enthusiasts who fit the general characteristics of the market in the trend electrification that shows no signs of stopping. This phenomenon is reflected in the volume of business, with the sale of urban electric bicycles increasing again by 60% in January 2020, and e-MTB grew by 30% in the same period. This evolution opens up new opportunities for Portuguese industrial companies in smooth mobility.

The following national companies participated in this event: Esmaltina, Incycles, Interbike, Jasil, Miranda, ND Tuned, Prototype, Rodi, Tabor and Unibike.