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The Portuguese bicycle industry is composed by small and medium-sized enterprises, which employ a about 1,500 employees, 750 of which in the production of bicycles and the remaining components. The annual production of bicycles in Portugal is over one million units, which puts Portugal on the first places in the European ranking (EU 28) of the sector.

In the last decade there was a significant change in the pattern of specialization of manufacturing industry in Portugal, leaving the dependence on traditional industrial activities to a situation where new sectors of greater technological power, gained weight and momentum of growth, highlighting automotive and components industry, electronics, energy, pharmaceutical and related industries new technologies of information and communication.


Portugal already has

transportation infrastructures

Road Network Quality: 4th best in the World.

Portugal has the 6th best Motorway Network on Europe, well above te OECD average.

Quality of maritime Infrastructures: 25th best in the World.

The Sines Harbor depth: Has the capability to recieve Post-Panamax ships. In 2013, It was considered the fastest growing harbor in the world (+ 68%).
Aerial transportation quality: 24th best in the world.

Oporto Airport was considered the 3rd best european airport in 2013.

Railway quality: 25th best in the world.

Recently opened, theAltantic Corridor is the railway connection between Portugal, Spain and France. Its extention to Germany is expected to be operational by November 2016.

Education and Development

61% of Portuguese speak at least one foreign language.
Learning English is mandatory scince elementary school. 78% of students learn two or more foreign languages (65% in the EU-28, 53% in France and 42% in Spain).

7th best optical fiber conection on EU28
18.1% of the optical fiber connections in total broadband in December 2013 (above average 16.7% OECD).

1st place in the world in terms of ease of "International Trade"
Acording to the World Bank (Doing Business 2016, total of Countries: 189).
Students enrolled in higher education by field of study, year 2012/2013.

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