Taipei Cycle 2019 (see more)

Portugal Bike Value II, an initiative co-financed by Compete 2020, is a Portuguese brand that promotes the national bicycle sector and will have is second international action at the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan.

The global dimension and importance of oriental markets make the Taipei Cycle Show an unavoidable event for any brand who wants to make a stand on the international scene.

That being said, the presence of ABIMOTA, with the experience and results obtained from the previous program, Portugal Bike Value I, intends to advance and expand the notoriety of the national soft mobility sector, focusing on products and productive capacity and also combining a fundraising with foreign investment for Portugal.

In addition to reinforcing Portugal's image as a supplier of product and industrial capacity, it also increases the recognition of national innovation and economy, as well as reinforcing the advantages of our country as a destination for investment in new production units for internationally renowned brands.