WCF 2019 Roterdão

World Portugal Bike Value Fest - WFC - Rotterdam - Netherlands June 4-5, 2019

A Portuguese mission led by ABIMOTA participated in the World Cycling Forum, as part of the Portugal Bike Value II Project, in Rotterdam, promoting the national two-wheel industry and smooth mobility.
The World Cycling Forum brings together the leading international players in the industry and sports and mobility services, with a special focus on the two-wheel industry. This time, Rotterdam, the Netherlands was the chosen city and ABIMOTA was present, representing the national sector, promoting the Portugal Bike Value brand, a project co-financed by Compete 2020, under the Portugal 2020 program.
Portugal Bike Value was in focus, with a showcase of products that reflect the best of what is done in Portugal, nicknamed the Portugal Bike Value Fest. This initiative was only possible thanks to the support of the Portuguese brands, Miranda, Gelu, Bobyke, Rodi, Eleven, Tabor and Esmaltina. On the other hand, PBV was also part of the World Cycling Forum's conference program with the presentation and discussion of the Portuguese industrial potential to seize the emerging market of Micromobility.